Hydration - We recommend drinking 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.  Please start this 2 days prior to your appointment and continue for a minimum of 5 days after.  This will assist the lymphatic system in processing the toxins and fat released during treatment.  This is also a huge factor in skin health.

Makeup - Please remove all makeup prior to any facial treatment.

Cleanliness - Please make sure the treatment area is clean and clear of any dirt or foreign substance. 

Hair - While it is not required, we recommend trimming the hair in the treatment area.  This will  allow us full contact with the skin to perform the treatment and allow us to achieve the best results possible.

Clothing - Make sure to wear something comfortable.  Clothing will need to be removed in the treatment area.  This will allow us to perform the treatment without getting gels or oils on your clothing and allow us to take a picture of the area before and after the treatment. 

Pictures - We do in house before and after pictures.  We tend to look at our bodies daily and have a hard time noticing as things change.  With pictures, you can see exactly what is happening.  Although we do not require this, if no pictures are taken, we can not see the progress made and make informed decisions for future treatments.

 Disclaimer: We will never use your photos for advertisements or display purposes without your consent. We also make sure to only show the treated area when using a photo for any purpose.  Besides facial treatments, no one will be able to tell who is in any of the photos used in advertisements.

**We have different gels and oils that we use during treatment.  Please inform us prior to treatment if you have any nut allergies.  Our mineral oil contains nuts.** 

We have a hypoallergenic gel instead of the oil if an allergy exists.